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Originally from the United Kingdom, I was born in London but grew up in Holland. I have been living in Montreal, Canada since 2003.

I am predominantly an editorial style photographer specializing in editorial food, event photography and portraiture. I began photographing the mysterious feline when I volunteered to photograph for a local cat rescue organization. Realizing how good photographs of rescue animals could possibly help find them forever homes gave me such happiness.

I have three rescue cats, Barney, Nelly and my recent addition, Manky, a homeless cat who would frequent my garden. He is now part of our family. I can't resist photographing  my cats regularly as I adore them so much. For any pet owner our pets are members of our family. We cherish the moment from the day they join our family and with gorgeous photographs we have a life long memento of them, just like we would with our human family and friends.

I also collaborate with my friend and fellow photographer Nadia Calabrese for weddings and events. If you are curious to see my other work please visit or


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